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Course Basic Intensive

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The basic course is aimed at people who would like to in the future to pursue the profession as hairdresser. Intensive Basic Course is an alternative to a vocational school. You will learn here all the basic techniques of haircuts, colouring and hair modelling. The course is extended by customer service experience during the practical lectures. The course goes on by 2,5 months and after the exams the graduate person will be prepared to work independently in the hairdressing salon.


2,5 months


9 900 zł


ul. Puławska 233, lok. D4 Warszawa 02-715
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Сourse Plan

The first stage

Introduction to the schedule

• This section introduces the basic techniques that are the basis for the later stages of learning, and introduces the philosophy of Gnatyshyn Academy.
• Construction of the hair and skin of the head.
• Cosmetics for hair care.
• Techniques of  hair washing, head massage.
• Drying hair using a variety of means.
• Determine the shape of the head and bone structure of the skull, face shape.
• Basics of consultation with the client, excellent customer service. Personal culture at work in hairdressing salon.
• Rating


The second stage

This is the stage of intensive learning hair styling, various of the modelling techniques and their capabilities.
• Create curls (rollers and their diversity). Method of winding the hair on rollers.
• Techniques weave hair.
• Rating


The third stage

After understanding the dynamics of the hair is done, we are going to introduce the theories of the precision hair cutting.
• Practical exercises using basic forms of women's haircuts.
• Straight line, gradation, layers.
• Repeat the drying techniques and consultation.
• Rating


The fourth stage

• Men`s cut. The specificity.
• Techniques for short haircut.
• Shading with scissors and comb.
• The use of electrical devices.
• Hairstyling for men.
• Gradation form of male.
• Rating


Fifth stage

Hair colouring
• Basics of colour. Colorimetry.
• Technique of the colouring overall.
• Technique of the partial colouring.
• Combinations of colouring techniques.
• Men Colouring.
• Permanent changes in the texture of the hair.
• Rating


Sixth stage

• Basic techniques of the modelling.
• Volume creating fillers.
• Maintain aspect ratio.
• Modelling style.
• Theory and practice.


Seventh stage

The hardest and most demanding stage for the commencing work persons.
• Preparing for the work in the hairdressing salon.
• Stage is designed in order to give you a time to get used your improvement and use the acquired knowledge.
• Repeat of all the basic techniques of haircuts for women and men.
• Selection of the colouring techniques for hair forms.
• Customer Care. Professional ethics.
• Independent work with own initiative.
• Working with limited time.
• The introduction of advanced technology layers and gradation.
• Final exam.

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